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Healthy Muesli breakfast | €7.00
Yoghurt with muesli, banana and honey

Omelette | €8.50
Ham and cheese

Stone’s toastie | €4.50
Ham and cheese

Extra | €0.50
Onions, tomatoes, pineapple or bacon

English Breakfast | €9.90
Fried eggs, sausages, bacon, tomato and beans

Go for jumbo | +€2.00

Dutch twins | €8.50
2 “van Dobben“ meat Croquettes with bread

Egg & Bacon Sandwich | €7.50

Natural | €6.00

Extra | €0,50
Ham, cheese, bacon, apple or pineapple

Stones pancake | €9.00
With blueberries, strawberries, vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce

Grilled Chicken Sandwich | €7.50
Sweet chilli, jalapenos
+ Bacon | €1.00

Club Sandwich | €9.90
Chicken, bacon, egg, cucumber, lettuce and tomato

Grilled wrap | €8.00
With pulled pork, cucumber, jalapenos and BBQ sauce

Spare ribs | €15.95
With fries and lettuce

Rib Eye Steak | €17.95
with garlic butter

Fish & chips | €13.50
Cod fish, ravigotte sauce, dutch fries and lettuce

Brownie | €7.00

Chocolate muffin with Salted caramel | €8.50

Nachos | €5.00
with guacomole, sour cream and tomato salsa

Nachos cheese | €9.00
with cheese, sour cream, olives, cappers, jalapenos
+ pulled pork | €2.00

Basket of fries | €4.00

bASKET of bREAD | €4.00
With garlic butter

Vegetarian springrolls (10 pcs) | €5.50

Chicken wings | €7.50

New York Chicken mini filets | €7.00

Bitterballen (mini meat croquettes) | €7.00

Bittergarnituur (fried appetizers) | €10.50

the bacon boss | €13.50
Crusty burger bun, mayonaise, cheddar cheese, pickles, caramelised onions, bacon and lettuce

the onion jack | €13.50
Crusty burger bun, fried onion rings, pickles, mayonaise, cheddar cheese and Lettuce

the Chick and cheese | €12.50
Crusty burger bun, chicken filet burger, mayonaise, cheddar cheese, caramelised onions, tomato and lettuce

the viva las vega | €12.50
Crusty burger bun, veggie burger, red onions, pickles, cheddar cheese, tomato and lettuce

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Stone’s Café
Warmoesstraat 91
1012 HZ Amsterdam

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We have only contributed to give a little more joy to their lives, memories, laughs and meetings that remain

Renee Donaghy
1 review

Great place to chill and smoke have a beer. Been here hundreds of times.

Lee Grant
5 reviews

Was there for my brothers 40th for the weekend and just spent it in here rally friendly place great bar staff and has a ball. Good music anaw. PS I don’t even smoke and never felt out of place.

Fee Simmons
42 reviews

I love stones cafe coffee bar the music ambiance the aroma the decor it’s the best in Amsterdam I also love stones sports bar with restaurant its perfectly located and the staff are friendly and I need not visit another coffee bar or sports bar STONES has it all covered Soon to return in 2020.

Barry de Flart
120 reviews

Nice, good music.

Paulien van den Berg
8 reviews

Stones café is always fun! I have such good times there 🙂

Chayenne Amsterdam
7 reviews

Love it here! Definitely the best cafe of Amsterdam whether it's for lunch or a good drink. I would really recommend Stone's café to everyone!