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zondag 18-08-2013, London

Hello my name is Peter, I visited stones cafe 3-4 years ago with a large group of mates we stayed above the bar/pub in a large apartment for a reasonable price. I then revisited last year in November and I stayed elsewhere but ran into I think the owner called 'Dan' who let me rent the apartment the previous visit he told me to get in contact with him as he has a hotel now, if I'm ever revisiting to let him know. So I'm visiting New Year's Eve for 3 days and was wondering if the apartment was available or if he has the 'hotel' and if there is any available rooms. If you could please get back to me as soon as possible as it already seemed to be busy that time of year. Thanks much appreciated.

donderdag 25-07-2013, Gloucester u.k

I have been to Amsterdam twice and by far the best place I found for music drink and a smoke was here , great looking staff that play some of the best mixes I've heard , even asked for a copy of a mix they played one night was banging , friendly staff and the guy collecting the glasses gave me joke , always recommend this play to everyone , hope to be back soon keep up the great work guys bc it shows

vrijdag 19-07-2013, Liverpool

Stone's is the only place to be in amsterdam bin visiting here since 2003 and practically lived there a few weeks ago when i ended up stayin longer than expected. Best brekky in amsterdam,great pint and by far my all round favourite place on earth rain or shine!!!

dinsdag 18-06-2013, Donetsk, Ukraine

Very nice, funny place! The stuff is so good....:) we had a great time there !!!!

maandag 17-06-2013, Manchester

Was at this coffee shop yesterday and absolutely loved it! Such a great place, perfect atmosphere and friendly staff :) great bud! Will be visiting again soon!

donderdag 30-05-2013, Groningen

I have visited the Stones cafe very much in Amsterdam.I have had always a good time inside the cafe.I have also performed in the past in the stones cafe.

I wish to you the best for the upcoming future Employees.

zondag 14-04-2013, Oxford uk

Great place! Atmosphere spot on. Music is great Beer is fab (and one of the cheapest in the Dam) Staff are Great. I try to visit the Dam every couple of years and always go there. All this praise coming from a non smoker too!

vrijdag 12-04-2013, Madisonville

Absolutely one of my faves, spent a lot of time in there both times I've been to Amsterdam. Lovely Amnesia Haze.

zaterdag 23-02-2013, Chester

The best coffeeshop in Amsterdam without a doubt! we were there everyday on both our holidays to amsterdam! the bar staff are lovely and the glass collectors were a delight :) x

donderdag 24-01-2013, liverpool

enjoyed my visit thank you xoxox

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